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Title: Firewall: Zero Hour & Operation Nightfall
Post by: LoganN64 on June 05, 2019, 01:01:06 PM
Continuing with my review of my VR games, Ill be taking a look at Firewall: Zero Hour and the Operation Nightfall expansion DLC separately, as it seems they are nearly two different games at this point... oh no, it is the same game, but the update has made it very, VERY different so that it's almost an entirely new game.


Firewall: Zero Hour is a PSVR exclusive first person shooter, you are part of a  4 person team that is tasked with the protection or extraction of "crucial data" from a laptop that is hidden somewhere in a map. Much like most FPS' you pick your guns, attach various attachments to said guns to improve their accuracy, ammo capacity and overall effectiveness of the weapon, you can also choose to bring a set of lethal and non-lethal ordinance to augment your strategy in the coming match. You then choose your contractor, each of them has a unique trait that they specialize in; such as improved running speed, extra ammunition for their weapons, and even improved armour to soak up damage from bullets or explosives, plus one extra slot to customize the contractor further by giving them one of the other contractor's traits once you have unlocked and bought it with in-game currency. There is also a Training mode that you can do solo, or with a team of 4 players against the A.I. to first get familiar with the controls and gameplay, and earn a little XP and Crypto to help you get started when you decide to join the big kids in the PvP mode.

Upon release, Firewall was a fairly bare-bones game. Each 4v4 player team alternated being attackers and defenders of the crucial laptop. The attacking team was required to press in to enemy territory to first find the firewall access point to make the laptop location visible on the mini-map and HUD, once that was done they then make an attack on the defended laptop and usually ending up wiping out the enemy team or getting wiped out in the process and then hacking in to the laptop or infiltrating the laptop and defending the hack until the timer runs down.

The defending team, meanwhile, would have about 30 seconds to lay traps, and generally prepare to delay or repel the enemy team to protect the laptop's data.

Overall it is one of the better first person team shooters for VR that works well, there were the occasional glitches and dropped games, but that was to be expected in a game that was one of the first team FPS outings on the PS4. It wasn't perfect, but it did what it was supposed to and did it with style!

Score: 7.5/10


Operation Nightfall marks the first of hopefully many free expansions, to the Firewall franchise. However despite being toted as an improvement over the original release of the game, it was met with terrible flaws from the get-go.

First Contact games attempted to improve the user interface by making it a large news-feed style wall with huge image blocks, similar to most other FPS, but failed to realize that this is going to be in VR and having a wall of options that are spaced out and smaller and that you have to move the controller around from one end of the screen to the other  would be a pain in the butt for some to access.

One issue i also ran in to was for the Load-out screen, i had bought the "Ambush" skill that allows me to carry 3 proximity mines instead of the standard 2, but i was not able to access the 3rd page of the skills menu due to some glitch that just displayed pages 1 and 2.

Several other minor glitches i encountered were weapon's damage output being lower than usual and not because of a balance change, but because some attachments were considered to applied TWICE! For example, the silencer improves accuracy by 10%, and silences your shots, at the expense of less damage and range by 10%. The glitch caused the gun's damage and range to drop by 20%! Luckily players found a work-around of removing and then re-equipping the attachment will reset the damage and range counter to its normal values.

There have also been some terrible wait times for match making, it appears they messed something up in the net code that prevents a player from joining a nearly full server causing players to wait as long as 10 minutes for the 8th and final member to join the game, and often when a match is made there is a disconnect between the player and the host right before a match starts causing more wait times for the players present.

I feel i could go on with my rant and bashing of how Firewall has now turned in to a nearly unplayable mess, but then i would waste my breath.

I will say in the defense of First Contact, that they ARE releasing updates and patches on a weekly basis that do seem to address some of the issues of the Nightfall expansion, but then create new ones.

At the time of writing this; the main player vs player mode is all but shut down due to connectivity issues server side, but many players are able to still play training and practice modes (Still very fun and challenging since the A.I. upgrade).

My final thoughts on Nightfall consist of; why didnt they test this before release, and they should have kept the original user interface as it was more intuitive and simple, and probably better designed for a VR experience. Firewall is a great game, marred by a seemingly rushed expansion, all i can suggest is wait until mid to end of June to play PvP again, hopefully theyll fix it, in the mean time have some fun in the training modes with the dedicated players.

Score: 4/10
Title: Re: Firewall: Zero Hour & Operation Nightfall
Post by: LoganN64 on June 11, 2019, 11:23:09 AM
So small update, I tried to boot up the game last night, but was greeted with a 5gb patch (update 1.24) so First Contact are trying, but I wont find out if the game is fixed until later tonight. so sit tight for another (positive) update hopefully tomorrow.