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Cobra Kai
« on: May 14, 2018, 07:38:24 AM »

When I first heard they were doing a follow up to the original karate kid movies I thought BUT WHY???????????????? there's no way anything could possibly live up to the original movies or the message they tired to teach us, but after watching the first few episode's I was HOOKED.  The story centre's around Johnny Lawrence 34 years later what effect did it have on his life losing the all valley karate tournament and almost getting killed by his sensei? He works a dead end mister fixit job, he's divorced, has a son that's going down the same path.  After watching a kid almost get his ass beat he intervenes and reluctantly becomes his sensei training him in the ways of karate COBRA KAI style!! Daniel Larusso finds out about Johnny starting up Cobra Kai again and does everything he can to oppose it thus starting up their long buried rivalry

It's a interesting take on the story and shows what would've happened if new karate kid (Daniel) had been able to join Cobra Kai but in modern times, there's a few throw backs to the 80's, makes fun of the millennial generation and doesn't apologize for it, its actually pretty funny, you can tell the original crew had a lot of fun with it.  A few days ago it got greenlit for a season 2!! can't wait for more :)
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