Author Topic: Sony Permbans user for offensive PSN username and gaming media steps in again  (Read 74 times)

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The user name in question is Kike_0615 apparently kike is a Jewish insult kinda like the N word for afraican americans, in mexico his name is Enrique but in mexico kike is the nickname one is given and is very common over there its not like they would know this.

So he was gaming away and got hit with a Perm Ban rings up support finds out why he got banned and phone support basically says can't help ya mate, then makes several more calls and goes up the food chain only to get stone walled at the upper end, sony then starts to ignore his calls and they won't let him do Chat support so what's a brother to do? all his digital he purchased games locked to that account so if he starts up a new account he'll lose them all and have to buy them all again.

He takes to reddit to explain all this in the link above and ask what else can he do? the gaming media report on what has transpired many gamers upvote his story and Sony catches bad press and all of a sudden they come running and unban his account and let him change his username to something else

You might be thinking Yay happy ending right? but do we really need to post up on reddit and get the gaming media to report the story EVERY TIME Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Valve pull this crap!!!

How hard is it to put in a banned username list so they can't violate TOS in the first plcace and let legit users change their usernames to something else, I know Sony just joined the party in letting gamers change their usernames but still up your bloody game as this really isn't good enough sooner or later enough complaints to consumer rights to government departments is gonna come down on these cowboys like a ton of bricks

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Well, that is unfortunate, but why don't people choose names based on their favourite fictional characters? Oh well semi-happy ending for this guy.

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