Author Topic: Games becoming to long  (Read 31 times)

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Games becoming to long
« on: January 04, 2019, 06:30:48 AM »

I agree with alot of what the article writer has written, games are getting too big and as gamers we either get bored, burned out or life commitments get in the way and when we finally decide to jump back in we've either forgotten what quest we were on, forgotten what the storyline is, or even forgotten how to play the game.  Games really do need to accommodate for this not many games do currently

The best example I can give as very rarely not finish a game is The Witcher 3 I beat the main game and finished off all the side quests I was burned out from The Witcher 3 soo took a long break from the game by then  the expansion's came out and I was playing other games at the time.   When I finally went back and started the expansion I discovered my muscle memory had lapsed and I now sucked very badly at the combat after a few days of trying to get back into it I kinda gave up haven't been back since and have a ton of other games I wanna play but I still want to go back and play the expansions at some point may just have to start all over again!

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Re: Games becoming to long
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2019, 11:47:57 AM »
Yea, it's getting pretty bad, i know you want to give the player more bang for their buck, but when a game drags out for an extra 12 hours when 6 would have been good enough. For example, i am dreading playing the Kingdom Hearts series as it is going to be a slog-fest, i played the tutorial portion where Sora had to fight his best friend on the island at the beginning of the game, and HOLY CRAAAAP! That guy just had health FOR DAYS, i eventually beat him by virtue of dodge, parry and strike. but when his attacks deal 100 damage when i deal maybe 10, at the beginning of the game DURING THE TUTORIAL LEVEL!!! BLAARRRG!!!!!

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